Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want Want Want Wednesdays 8/26

It's Wednesday, so here is what I am currently wanting (now if only I could get a job...):
  • Lime Crime makeup: So bright, it's illegal!
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, soda.... in other words, caffeine! I'm not really allowed anymore due to insomnia and headaches, but I'm seriously going through withdrawal.
  • Tights! Especially blue, purple, and brown.
  • Some shiny new school supplies for the new school year! :D (particularly a zillion different colored highlighters for annotating passages in English class!)
  • And finally, the ability to read faster.... still have 300 pages in The Fountainhead!

So, what are the things you just GOTTA have right now? Makeup? A pony? Sugar? A new mattress?! :P Tell me!


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  2. haha Eskimo. I still have around that many pages to go too. That book is tortuous. Have you done your other school work?

    and I changed my link to

  3. Ummm... well I read my history book and the choice book for English, and I'm working on the history essay and a math packet that I have to do. :( They've never given us so much work before! It's crazy!

  4. Wow you really have a lot of work to do. I just have to edit an essay and finish the book -.- I thought it was suppose to be summer

  5. Haha I'll be fine. Say, how do I make comments on your blog? I couldn't find anything to click but maybe I'm just lost. :)

  6. lol I don't think there's a place to post on my blog. When I get back from Florida I'll try and fix it