Friday, August 28, 2009

Makeup Review - L'Oréal HiP (Riotous and Platinum)

Hi there! I recently purchased some HiP (High-intensity Pigments) shadows from L'Oréal Paris. I got Riotous and Platinum.

Riotous is a lime green and a lovely khaki green. Platinum is a fabulous, very metallic silver (even though it looks kinda white here) and a black with tiny silver sparkles. Here are some swatches...
The top row is applied wet and the bottom row is dry. Riotous is on the left and Platinum on the right.
Note: The silver is very reflective whether it is wet or dry, but in this picture the light hit the wet row and not the dry row quite so much.
The pigments are very nice. I've only used the shadows a few times so far, but as far as first impressions go...

  • The silver really has to be used sparingly, except in very special occasions. I tried it all over the lid and it was a bit much! I simply couldn't pull it off with the outfit I was wearing. Maybe at a different occasion, if I were wearing a little black dress or my silver ruffle-y dress, but not for a casual party.
  • The black seems as if it would be very nice for a smokey eye with a slightly different touch (because of the teeny tiny silver sparkles).
  • The khaki goes very well with brown shadow, and surprisingly, it looks great with shimmery peach shadow!
  • The silver looks great on the top inner corners of eyes - it really opens them up!
I might do a tutorial with one of these shadow duos soon. What do you think?

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