Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artist of the Moment: The Coffin Daggers

I saw The Coffin Daggers (not to be confused with Coffin Draggers) at Musikfest this past summer, and they were great. From what I can remember, the Musikfest booklet said that they were "surf rock with punk and sci-fi influences" (not a direct quote). A few of my friends have said that this sounds "weird", but they are WRONG WRONG WRONG. This music is AMAZING, and I play it super loudly whenever I'm getting ready for a night out, a big event, etc. because it pumps me up and energizes me!

Some of my favorite songs are Breaking Tide, The Rumble, and Hornet's Nest. It's all instrumental, and it seriously just makes you wanna dance! Run along and go listen on iTunes now!

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