Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End-of-Summer Craziness!

These past few days have been so crazy for me - I apologize for my absense! On Friday and Saturday I went down to Point Pleasant, which was nice, but I had to write essays on the beach. :( For the past few days I've been working my butt off (and dealing with the consequences of procrastination) to finish all my summer work, and today I finally finished! (On the day before the first day of school, haha.)

So I'm excited for this year because I get three doses of English a day! I'm taking Creative Writing and Humanities as well as English. It's gonna be soooo fun!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I will be sure to post a picture of my first day outfit. :) It's cute but it's not super flamboyant (like teal skinny jeans and boots, which I was planning to wear, haha).

Unfortunately there's not much for me to say. I'm going to try to feature some blogs soon, as well as some more bands or other stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see!

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  1. yay!! You finished your school work!! I want to see your first day outfit now. What are you going to wear?? I kind of have no idea haha what makes a good first day outfit