Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bargain Beauty: Eye Lips Face (ELF)

I love to save money on makeup (because I buy so much of it), so I'm always looking for good quality makeup at great prices. Well, now I must look no further than Eye Lips Face.

Eyes Lips Face makes quality makeup that mostly costs just one dollar. Aside from the regular $1 line, their excellent mineral line is mostly $3 to $5, with a few large $8 items, I think. And the studio line (which I have yet to try but can't wait to do so) is also $3 to $5. They also have a few insanely amazing $1 makeup brushes (I have yet to try them all but I love the Total Face Brush and the Eyeliner Brush).

How can ELF makeup be so cheap, you may ask? Well, they don't really advertise, and their packaging is cheap as heck. This is the only area in which I've run into problems - sometimes their packaging breaks or isn't quite right, but that's very rare and doesn't prevent me from using the makeup (for example, the clear caps on the eyeliner pencils are often too lose to stay on properly).

Here are my three current favorite products:
  • Brightening Eye Color: They are quads of well-pigmented shadows. I currently own Drama, which consists of a black, two greys, and a white (great for a smokey eye), Luxe, which is a dark brown, coppery lighter brown, gold, and pinkish maroon, and Blue Moon, which is a dark and a light blue grey, a medium brown shimmer, and a creamy off-white shimmer. I absolutely LOVE these shadows and recommend them to everyone. There are so many more that I still have to buy (and at $1, I don't feel guilty about collecting them all!).
  • Brightening Eye Liner: I love this liner. If you are used to very expensive liner, you may not like this, but for one dollar, how can you go wrong? I have Black, Navy, Coffee, Ash, and Gilded. All for just one dollar each! As for the quality of the liner, I really do like it. It's a pencil liner. It glides on smoothly and doesn't scratch you as long as you keep it sharpened. It's a very nice liner. Not as much staying power as liquid liner, but that can be expected with most pencil liners.
  • Mineral Eyeshadow: From the mineral line (these shadows are just three dollars!). They are highly pigmented, loose shadows. I have Seductive (a very dark, very saturated black), Wild (dark brown with shimmer), and Partier (matte greyish navy). They leave a little bit of fallout, like any loose shadow, but I don't mind. Just do your eyes before the rest of your makeup (duh :P). Really excellent shadows, and a little bit goes a long way. Can't wait to buy some of the newer colors.
I can't wait to buy more of ELF's amazing makeup! I own quite a few more of there products, but I don't want to start rambling. I plan on doing some tutorials with some of their makeup very soon, which will include pictures of the products (sorry for the lack of pictures in this post!).

So, my dears, have you stumbled upon any great beauty bargains? Or have you found Eyes Lips Face and love it as much as I do?

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